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Omnimedica Firming & Burning Anti Cellulite


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Many women struggle with cellulite, and there aren’t many products that can make it go away completely. With our expertise and experience, we were able to create a clever mixture that permanently eliminates cellulite.

  • Strong cellulite reduction
  • Using natural extracts as a base
  • Finally in shape for a bikini
  • Also appropriate for usage following weight loss

A lotion for cellulite that is effective.

The cellulite lotion that eliminates cellulite’s causes.

Why is female skin softer than male skin? because the female hormone oestrogen encourages the development of subcutaneous fat. Women are also more prone to cellulite since they have more subcutaneous fat than males do.

When the lowest layers of the skin’s collagen structures can no longer support the fatty tissue, cellulite forms. The cellulite-like dimples emerge as the structures collapse.

Our research against breast cancer led to the development of the Firming & Burning cream as a byproduct. You might wonder what breast cancer has to do with cellulite. Oestrogen overproduction and the growth of adipose tissue are connected to breast cancer. The development of cellulite is significantly influenced by these very same variables.

A lot of ladies have already given up on their efforts to reduce cellulite. It makes sense given that many products simply have a cursory understanding of the origins of cellulite. We were able to create an anti-cellulite cream that delivers on its promises thanks to the scientific expertise of Omnimedica, the knowledge gained from the research against breast cancer, and all the information we have obtained via the research of OM24®. All cellulite causes are successfully removed naturally by the Firming & Burning lotion. These three natural extracts function on three different levels.


Green coffee beans are used to extract caffeine. Caffeine affects the local metabolism of fat and aids in the local breakdown of excess fat tissue.

Saw palmetto fruit extract

An oestrogen-inhibiting action may be shown in the superior saw palmetto extract. One of the primary causes of cellulite, recurrent fat deposition, is considerably diminished by this.

Green tea’s “super component,” OM24®

Our research has demonstrated that OM24® prevents collagen degradation and encourages tissue repair. As a result, the skin’s collagen structures can heal.

All stages of cellulite cause are covered by these three natural ingredients. Cellulite can also go away.

We advise:

We advise combining Firming & Burning with regular exercise to promote its efficacy. This can also include simple exercises like yoga or walking. These exercises are crucial to accelerating the fat-burning process.

Regular use of Tablets Sportsline and Basocaps can also assist fat burning. However, they do not take the place of regular, healthful activity.

Application: Morning and night, apply to the afflicted skin regions and thoroughly massage. Additionally appropriate for post-body sculpting procedures supportive care (e.g. cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis, HIFU, acoustic wave therapy, radio frequency).

Compatibility: We successfully depend on the power of nature in all of our products and primarily avoid using harsh, chemical active ingredientsFirming & Burning’s potent results are solely attributable to the OM24®, a natural “super ingredient” derived from saw palmetto fruit extract, green tea, and coffee. Therefore, it is especially suited for skin that is sensitive.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Octyldodecanol, Propylheptyl Caprylate, PEG-8, Propanediol, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Caffeine, Isopropyl Myristate, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Sterols, Butyrospermum, Parkii Butter (Shea Butter), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Helianthus Annuus, Seed Oil, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Camelia Sinensis (Tea Plant) Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Glyceryl, Caprylate, Tocopherol, Chrysin, Hydroxyflavone, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, BHT, Parfum (Fragrance), Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide.

Content: 200 ml, SKU 220800, Swiss product, manufactured and distributed by Omnimedica AG, CH-8952 Schlieren, Switzerland.

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Omnimedica Firming & Burning Anti Cellulite

Omnimedica Firming & Burning Anti Cellulite